Who are we:

  • In wanting to continue moving forward with improving our Fifth Ward neighborhood, a group of Fifth Ward citizens have opted to mobilize and form an organization with a progressive agenda that builds on action based activity to make positive change in the community.   If you are interested in promoting safety, beautification and artistic expression in the Fifth ward community, we want to join forces with you.

Our objectives:

  • To promote civic engagement of the residents by encouraging coordination between residents and local municipal agencies.
  • To encourage improvements in the appearance of public and private properties in the area.
  • To promote wholesome, social, cultural and recreational activities in the area.
  • To take concerted actions in matters pertaining to the welfare of area residents.
  • To cultivate and promote an arts community in the Fifth Ward area

Where do we meet?
We currently meet the first Thursday of the month from 6:30pm-7:30pm temporarily at East Orange AME Church located at 4415 Orange St. Houston, TX 77020.

Who can join?

All residents, personal property owners, religious institutions and business owners located in Fifth Ward are eligible to apply for membership.  Individual membership dues are $50 per household yearly and associate membership of  $100 yearly.  Any member age 65 and over will pay $25 yearly per household. Payment of the appropriate dues establishes the individual member or all persons in paying households as members in good standing. Each household represents one vote. Membership dues are used to cover community clean-up supplies and organizational operating expenses.

Contact us:

By email: progressive5thward@gmail.com
By phone: 832-534-3845
By mail:
Progressive Fifth Ward Community Association
PO Box 88305
Houston, TX 77288