5th Ward Votes – Understanding the Ballot

This Houston Chronicle article by reporter Alejandra Matos gives a straight forward breakdown of voting dates, locations, and ballot language. Please read to prepare for Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 local and state elections.


Here is a quick summary, but I encourage you reading the article.

There are 7 State of Texas Propositions dealing with tax breaks, lowering cap on home equity loan fees, limit of terms for appointed officials, giving the Attorney general time to prepare for a court ruling when an unconstitutional motion has been filed, and specific benefits for charitable events.

There are 5 city propositions for public services with NO TAX increase.

A – $1B bond to pay of city pension plans

B- $159M for police and fire department improvements

C- $104M for park improvements

D- $109M for multi service center and 4 health clinics

E- $123M for library improvements

F- Allows laws to make it easier to sell alcohol in the Heights by lifting 106 year old ban.

Thanks for reading and staying engaged in your voting rights.

-Your Precinct Chair 142 Chair